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What Makes Us Different?

At Strategypoint, we believe that strategy can be simple.


Strategy First

Strategy is not an afterthought – it is the reason our app exists. Unlike the many tools on the market that focus on “tasks first” and project management, Strategypoint was designed to be “strategy first.”


Method Agnostic

There is no singular path to achieving your strategy: whether your organization subscribes to classic KPIs, OKRs, Balanced Scorecard, etc. our tool can measure Goal progress and capture major initiatives.


Work Tied to Strategy

No other screen in any other product shows routines and projects tied directly to your strategic goals. And, no other app has routines as the core driver for success (which studies have shown, is the key!). See how day-to-day work is or is not driving progress towards your initiatives.


Baked in Best Practices

Strategypoint’s planning templates & goals are based on tried-and-true strategy best practices, so you do not have to consume 100 business books to build a mature strategy.


Focus on Critical Activities

Strategypoint packages everything you need to do NOW in a single Dashboard. This allows users to stay on track: see all strategic items that require attention, be it a past due goal or limited capacity to achieve work.

“Why Invest in Strategy Execution Software?

70% of companies with strategic planning and execution outperform their peers.

90% of employees do not understand their company’s strategy.

Strategypoint Benefits

Why do we come to work everyday?
To help you achieve your vision.

Modern SaaS Software Platform

Secure Hosting

Integrates with 1000s of Apps

New Feature Releases Weekly

SSO Capability
(Google & Outlook)

Featured Case Study: Town of Drayton Valley

Town of Drayton Valley: Organizing our Multi-year Growth Services Plan.


All stakeholders have visibility into Goal’s progress.

Data is updated in real-time & accessible to everyone.

Goals are organized based on area, owner & due date.

Reduction in paper & time spent creating reports.

Increased teamwork & collaboration.

“Strategypoint is a compass that will keep us in one direction and let us know if we are off track.”

Luke Pantin

Growth Service Manager | Town of Drayton Valley

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