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Strategy Myths

Don’t let a fear of strategy stop you.
See common objections and how to move forward with best practices.

I don't have time for strategy.

Strategy saves you time and resources by providing direction that benefits your bottom line.

Strategy should be approached simply and move your organization toward realizing your vision. Start by choosing two or three strategic initiatives, then allocating time during weekly team meetings to discuss progress.

It is worth finding the time because while only about half of organizations have a formal strategic execution process, 70% of those who do report outperforming their peers.

Strategy is too expensive.

A simple digital approach is affordable and highly effective.

The bad rap comes from what was offered in the past with hefty consulting fees and retreat costs, which most companies don’t need. Today’s software solution is customizable, scalable, and offers teams real time digital collaboration for improved engagement.

This is a wise investment as companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable.

Planning is the most important part of strategy.

Communication and execution are as important as planning. These are pieces of the same pie that make it possible for your organization to grow and operate more efficiently.

We’ve witnessed companies with amazing product, people, and promise stagnate or, worse yet, fail when planning is merely an annual event that results in a dust-collecting document.

Your organization requires smart action to avoid the pitfalls of the estimated 67% whose well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution.

Strategy is separate from my day-to-day routines.

Strategy execution fails when people see it as something “in addition” to their job.

Business surveys reveal that up to 50% of staff time is spent on activities that do not align with company strategy, so leaders in every sector are searching for ways to set smart goals and devote the right resources to meeting them.

The strategic plan is the path, and your daily routines are the steps. When the path and steps are aligned, teams can achieve greatness faster.

Slide decks and spreadsheets are tools I need for strategy.


Strategic plans are set in stone.

All goals should be about change.

Strategy is about being better than the competition.

Strategy is about running the race differently than your competitors.
Strategy is less about what the competition is doing and more about what your organization needs for growth and as a buoy during disruptions and uncertainty.
Use your strengths and opportunities to create actionable steps to pursue your organization’s full potential. Strategy is about understanding what differentiates your organization and aligning everything around it to connect with customers and build loyalty.

I don't need a strategy.

It’s true you can be successful without a strategic plan and execution, but toiling away without strategic focus burns up more of your precious resources.
Strategy is how you envision your ideal destination and build the fastest road there. Workforce efficiency increases and employees embrace your organizational priorities and purpose when you develop and communicate a strategy with your employees.
According to research, less than 10% of employees report that they understand their company’s strategy so a well-communicated strategy could help land you in this small, enviable category.

Strategy has to be complex to work.

You deserve a clear path to your vision.

Strategypoint helps you organize the goals, work, and people that make it happen.

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