JULY 2022

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A Day in the Life of a Leader

Many leaders & team members go through the motions every day at work, and then (maybe) dedicate a day or two to “developing strategy.”

Discover the natural places where you can insert strategy into your daily routine!

The Groundwork for Building your SWOT

When you know what your capabilities are, where you could use more work, where your vulnerabilities lie and what opportunities you can exploit in the market, you can take the steps to design a strategy that works.

Learn the simple steps to creating your company’s SWOT.

Product Highlights

You Spoke. We Listened.

Our users wanted easier ways to manage Teams in Strategypoint. This month, we are releasing multiple improvements to make it easier to build, invite, and manage your team members.

Check out the site this month for easier ways to:

  • Add new users & assign permissions
  • Add users to Teams
  • Move users across Teams

Thanks to our users for your suggestions. The more people that strategize, the merrier!

Strategy is Expensive.

It is a myth that strategy requires long planning days, extensive leadership retreats, and hours upon hours measuring results.

Strategy is the allocation of resources towards the precious few activities that advance your vision.

Get the most out of your team members’ 2,000 hours per year.

Try a simple approach to strategy: Pick 2 – 3 strategic initiatives. Then allocate time during weekly team meetings to discuss progress towards them.

Dedicating just 1 hour per week to those 2 – 3 initiatives can pivot your team from “doing a job” to “marching towards your vision!”

Aha! Moments

Customer Profile: Operations & Management Consultant Company

Customer Location: Ontario, Canada

Aha Moment: A senior consultant helps businesses plan their immediate goals, budgets, and priority hires. He realized that he could send an example org chart using Strategypoint’s Teams functionality. During a meeting, he was able to discuss the roles that were filled & unfilled with a simple visual.

Result: The consultant was able to effectively communicate how the organization should be structured, and how to later fill the open positions. This common deliverable, once a static slide image, is now a dynamic tool that everyone can access!