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How to Define your Market Position

Learn how to dig into your data (but not too deep) to better understand your market position so you can understand what sets you apart from the competition.

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"Strategy is separate from my day-to-day routines."

Strategy execution fails when people see it as something “in addition” to their job.

Business surveys reveal that up to 50% of staff time is spent on activities that do not align with company strategy, so leaders in every sector are searching for ways to set smart goals and devote the right resources to meeting them.

The strategic plan is the path, and your daily routines are the steps.

When the path and steps are aligned, teams can achieve greatness faster.

Aha! Moments

Customer Profile: Software Company

Customer Location: United States
Aha Moment: During a Team review meeting, a manager noticed several broad initiatives that came from a quarterly planning session: Increase diversity, Improve Product Quality, and Increase Security. During the meeting the manager asked, “How exactly are we going to measure these? Without clear sub-goals or definition, how are we planning to track progress?” Another manager responded, “Right now these are updated on gut feel – progress feels like 10% but that is not tied to anything specific.” The CEO responded that all major initiatives should have a clear path of measurement or the data is not meaningful.

Result: Goals tracked and discussed each week are actually measurable with details, sub-goals, and a clear understanding for how the Goals can be reached. This brought both credibility & visibility into how the teams are ACTUALLY doing and eliminated the “finger in the wind” measurements.