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eBook: 5 Simple Steps to Strategy

There are over 15,000 books on leadership & strategy. You have time to pluck those off the shelf and read, right? Well, neither do most people.

Enjoy this FREE step-by-step guide on how to create your organization’s strategy, develop goals, and communicate the plan to your teams.


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Product Highlights

Quarterly Reviews are in Session

Team Leads all over the world are scrambling to review and approve quarterly initiatives.
Is it a little late for that? Yes – because all that data is buried in a spreadsheet or slide deck.
Strategypoint allows Managers & Team Leads to easily review & approve company goals.
  • Set review cadence for automatic reminders
  • Assign reviewers for each goal
  • “Watch” metrics to receive alerts each time it changes
  • Quick-click approval for goals ready to go
Simply open the Goal Modal and make reviews a digital routine vs. a paper-based process.

"Planning is the most important part of strategy."

Communication and execution are as important as planning. These are pieces of the same pie that make it possible for your organization to grow and operate more efficiently.

We’ve witnessed companies with amazing product, people, and promise stagnate or, worse yet, fail when planning is merely an annual event that results in a dust-collecting document.

Your organization requires smart action to avoid the pitfalls of the estimated 67% whose well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution.

Aha! Moments

Customer Profile: Membership Organization

Customer Location: Southeast Region, USA

Aha Moment: The executive team for a 600-member service organization recently released their 3-year plan to all stakeholders. This plan was in a PDF format and well-organized, but not easy to update. Great for the initial release, but what about how to show progress on all those initiatives? The team decided they had to go digital and get off paper.

Result: The Strategypoint Customer Success group took the PDF Plan and created a digital, easy-to-share version in Strategypoint. The source documents (such as the original PDF) were attached to the Goals’ details for quick access. Now the words on paper come to life as actions in a dynamic tool!