MAY 2022

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Strategy in 3 Simple Steps
Strategic planning does not have to be daunting. Nor does it have to be complex to be effective. In this article, learn the three key components to build your best plan.

The Secret to Outperforming Your Peers
Having a strategic plan is one thing. Putting it into action is another. In this article, learn how to take the right steps to get ahead.

Product Highlights

Did you know?

You can drag-and-drop list items from one card to another.

Use case:
During your weekly team meetings, drag any urgent issues from the Issues list card to the Task list card and assign an owner. The new task will automatically appear in the owner’s work view.

If the issue is not urgent, drag it into a Future Initiatives list for consideration in future planning meetings.

If the issue is unimportant and non-urgent, simply archive or delete it.

Try out dragging & dropping in the Plan View. No copy and paste or re-typing required!

“Strategy has to be complex to work.”

Often times we assume that the best strategies are complicated and take hours upon hours to define. This is just NOT TRUE. Sometimes, simple is best.

Ask yourself, “Would my strategy make sense to a 7th grader?”

If your answer is no, you just might be over engineering the whole thing.

Rather than disrupting work this time of the year with big planning sessions, just pick 3 key company goals to focus on. That is enough to get started. Then, make it a habit to track it weekly and make it a part of your weekly meeting.

Aha! Moments

Customer Profile: Small tech company under 30 team members

Customer Location: Southeast, United States

Aha Moment: During a virtual, weekly meeting a director asked, “Is there anyway to view all department scorecards in one screen versus toggling back and forth between Team Views?” The team lead discovered Strategypoint allowed him to add as many Scorecards as desired in the Company Plan View consolidating all Scorecards into one place.

Result: No more awkward, “Let me share my screen” toggle between multiple team members! Now the team lead can simply pull up one screen for the entire 60-minute meeting.