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Product Features

Manage Your Strategy with 3 Simple Views.

Easily Align Plans, Goals, and Work.

3 simple views keep everyone focused on achieving the strategy.

Plan View

Goals View

Work View

Plan Everything on One Screen.

Perfectly organize plans for every team in your organization.

Use our plan templates and best practices library to get started.

Easily arrange and configure your plan with the drag and drop plan builder.

Set Goals to Achieve the Plan.

Easily create goals and assign owners, due dates, and measurable targets.

Link and align goals at every level of the organization.

Automate goal updates by integrating with 5,000+ other apps.

Ensure All Work is Strategic.

Quickly conduct bottom-up capacity planning to reality-check your top-down planning.

Visualize how everyone contributes to achieving the strategy.

Link work to goals to ensure all work is strategic.

Monitor resource bandwidth and quickly adapt to changes.

Build Reports with Ease.

Create reports with pie charts, tables, and other widgets.

Modify each visual with the filters you want.

Filter for the most critical metrics.

Refine your Strategy with our AI Helper.

Strategybot™ is an in-app, best practices assistant that evaluates your strategic plan & makes recommendations.

Get tips on how to improve your Goals using the SMART methodology.

Create impactful vision & mission statements.

New strategy assistant tips released regularly!

Automate Metrics with Integrations.

Work smarter not harder with 5,000+ integrations.

Automate goal status updates with data from your current systems.

No coding or programmers necessary. 

Use Zapier’s simple point-and-click integration forms.

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Product Benefits & Features

24/7 visibility into plan progress & team results.

See strategy, goals & owners on one screen.

Real time notifications when users make changes.

Ability to link daily work to strategic goals.

Ability to link goals at every organizational level.

Templates & Best Practice Libraries

Drag-and-Drop Plan Builder

Linked Team Plans

Team & Personal Goals Tracking

Routine-Focused Work View

Team Member Bandwidth

Notifications & Alerts

API Integrations (Zapier)

Linked Goals, KPIs & OKRs

Bottom-Up Work Planner

In-App Reports

My “To Do” Dashboard

Make Strategy Simple for Just $20 Per Month.

The average person spends twice that much on coffee.
Isn’t your strategy worth more than a latte?

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