Master strategy in three simple views.

Master strategy in three simple views.


Your Strategic Plan in Action:

With 3 simple views, Strategypoint makes strategy management easy for everyone to master.

1. Plan View

Organize and manage strategy on one simple screen. Say goodbye to folders of strategic documents gathering digital dust and “Hello!” to a clearly communicated strategy across the organization.

2. Goals View

Align success measures from the strategic plan to every group and individual in the organization. Create a winning culture that values purposeful work that improves productivity and employee satisfaction.

3. Work View

Map day-to-day work routines and link projects directly to their strategic objectives. Balance strategic change against ongoing operational processes by learning how your team members allocate time.

Less than 10% of employees report that they understand the company’s strategy.

Strategypoint brings deeper meaning and purpose to work by connecting the long-term strategy to team and individual goals.


Plan everything on one screen

No more spreadsheets and slide decks. Get your strategy out front and never lose sight of the big picture.

Personalized Dashboard

Tailor your dashboard to know what you can achieve as a team and to get peak performance each day.

Template & Best Practices Library

Look through our library of strategic plan templates. Each template has been configured for you with elements drawn from multiple best practice strategy management methodologies.

Drag & Drop Planning Cards

Keep your plan flexible and adaptable by dragging and dropping items within cards or lists. Quickly click the check boxes to mark items complete or chose to archive completed items.

Real-Time Updates

Have better access to strategic information with real-time updates and measurements of success.

Easy Reporting

Make team meetings a breeze with simple reporting on all progress and projects through Strategypoint.

Goals that keep everyone on track

Watch the progress of your initiatives and let it inform your decision making process all along the way.

Scorecard Views

Set clear expectations and capture key measures of success at every level of your organization for you teams and for individuals.

Linked Goals, Projects & KPIs

Understand how individual goals and work tasks play into the bigger picture by linking users goals, projects, and KPIs. Never lose sight of the long-term vision.

Top Down and Bottom Up Visibility

Enable your management team to visualize the path to future success every week, while also managing present day work. Facilitate more strategic, long-term, thinking and see how it becomes a competitive advantage for you over time.

Work to execute the plan everyday

Watch the progress of your initiatives and let it inform your decision making process all along the way.

Routines Driven Work

Understand that work is controllable, repeatable and scaleable.

Bandwidth Bar

Visualize resource allocation and availability. See what your team is working on and make decisions for new projects.

Notifications & Alerts

Set up notifications and alerts for planning cards you want to monitor. Stay on top of what work is going on that is moving the whole team toward success.

Remote Work, Made Easy

Focus all work on strategic execution, regardless of where all your team members are located.

Alignment to make your organization seriously scalable.

Our software helps make company priorities accessible to everyone. No more over-the-top brainstorming sessions followed by ongoing projects leading to burnout and disillusionment. Strategypoint creates holistic alignment by distilling company priorities into clear metrics and simple, repeatable routines at every level of the organization.