Customer Success

At Strategypoint, we believe that strategy can be simple and software implementations can be painless. Our goal is for you to start populating your strategic items into the app as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your day.

Our Approach to Training

Learners come in different shapes and sizes, but overall fall into these 3 categories:

  • True Self-Learners: thrive learning remote, self-paced, & by trial-and-error
  • Traditional Classroom Learners: prefer live sessions followed by hands-on activities
  • Hybrid Learners: want a mix of self-paced training with limited live sessions

In order to serve all learners, we offer training that covers each area:

Self-paced Training

Enroll in our Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a mix of short videos, white papers, user tips, and downloadable resources to get users up and running in the app.

Custom, Live Training

Schedule a training specific to your organization with one of our SCEs! All customers can request up to 2 hours of complimentary training with their teams under the Performance Plan. 

Discovery Calls

Schedule a call with a certified SCE (Strategypoint Customer Enthusiast) to understand your unique business goals and translate into an optimal configuration in the app.

In-App Learning

Learn Strategypoint’s navigation and how to complete tasks using our in-app checklists and next step directions. It’s so nice to have software guide you through first time events!

Implementation Support

Strategypoint Enthusiasts (SPEs) are here to serve you, no matter where you are in your strategic journey!

Here is how you can engage with us as a customer:

‣ Submit Your Plan for Review

Plans come in all shapes and sizes, typically from a manual source like slides or spreadsheets. Send us your strategy in whatever form, and we will consult you on how to input it into Strategypoint for optimal reporting.

‣ Share Your Team Structure

Unsure how to set up your users with the right roles and permissions? Simply provide your org chart or team structure and we will advise you on the positions and roles for each user.

‣ Send Us Your Goals and Objectives

Strategic goals often link across multiple departments and team members. Utilize our strategic experts to set up the optimal metrics and sub-goals, and even understand how to link department goals to one another.

Email us at or message us through the in-app chat (if enabled for your company).

Customer FAQs

What training and support are included in the Performance Package?

Self-paced training, customer support (chat feature or emails), and up to 2 hours of custom live training sessions. 

What training and support are included in the Enterprise Package?

All items included in the Performance Package plus a negotiated number of training & consulting hours. These plans are based on the needs of the client.

How long does it take to set up Strategypoint?

That depends on the amount of data available, but generally we estimated 30 min – 60 min to build a strong foundation.

  • 15 minutes to get setup with primary users, plans, and goals. 
  • 15 minutes (per department) to set up Work (projects and routines).
  • 15 minutes to input all users and build the org chart.
  • 15 minutes to configure user preferences (notifications, card arrangements, etc.).

How long does it take to complete training?

Users should budget 20 minutes to complete the self-paced introduction course and 60 minutes to explore and populate the app.

Do I need a background in strategic management to use Strategypoint?

No, we welcome users that are new to developing strategic initiatives and goals. 

  • The app contains a library of best practices templates for plans so you do not have to design your own.
  • Our in-house SCEs are happy to coach up users on best practices, processes, and change management before you roll-out Strategypoint. 
  • We are continuously adding to our resources library. Click HERE to check it out.