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AHA! Moments

Experience real moments when customers realized – Strategy Can be Simple.

“Our team was not aligned on the big picture.”

Company: Tech Start-up

Company Size: <20

Location: United States

Product Area: Plan View

Event: Weekly Leadership Meeting

The Story

In preparation for the weekly leadership meeting, all team leads were asked to input their priorities, issues, dependencies, and core metrics into Strategypoint.

As each lead presented their data, the Executive Team noticed several duplications in Goals. For example, both the Product Team and Customer Success Team had a target NPS score, but it was not the same. The Executives also noticed that several company-level metrics were not supported by team goals.

The meeting ended with “sounds like we need to get together and create goals as a team.”

In a nutshell

Strategypoint provided visibility into company-level goals and department level goals in a single view, allowing the Team to identify mismatched, redundant, and missing initiatives.

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