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AHA! Moments

Experience real moments when customers realized – Strategy Can be Simple.

“We were not working on the right things.”

Company: International Healthcare Company

Company Size: 50,000+

Location: United States

Product Area: Work View

Event: Team member 1-on1s

The Story

Managers were working with their employees to prioritize tasks and projects. In addition to their normal responsibilities, everyone had new requirements for an acquisition integration.

It was more important than ever to focus the team’s time and energy. The managers were able to see each employee’s routines and projects under the Work View. Surprisingly, they also saw that few of these items linked back to the corporate-level Goals.

The managers were able to easily evaluate how each team member spends their valuable time, linking day-to-day work directly to achieving company initiatives.

In a nutshell

Strategypoint’s Work View allows managers to easily see which routines and projects are tied (or not tied!) to team goals corporate goals, allowing managers to optimize employees’ time.

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