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AHA! Moments

Experience real moments when customers realized – Strategy Can be Simple.

“We need the flexibility to develop our strategy as we go.”

Company: Regional Engineering Firm

Company Size: 100+

Location: United States

Product Area: Plan View

Event: Creating the annual strategic plan

The Story

A Chief Strategy Officer was asked to create and publish the company’s 1-3-5 year strategic plan. This plan included a company-wide reorganization across multiple locations, affecting hundreds of employees and 20+ team leads. He understood the final vision at the end of the 5 years, and the most pressing initiatives for the first 6 months.

But after creating the new org chart in Strategypoint and setting up the core divisions, he realized that assigning specific goals would be a work in progress. The CSO used Strategypoint to visually communicate the reorganization and obtain buy-in first, before determining the Director-level goals.

In a nutshell

Strategypoint allowed leadership to see and discuss the reorganized org chart and focus areas as a first step, then allowed the team to build a flexible plan and goals from there.

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