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You want employees who understand their roles in each goal you set, and you want them to be excited about achieving those goals. But the sad truth is, it is estimated that 90% of employees say they don’t understand their company’s strategy. We think we know why. 

There are two main reasons why employees feel this way. They either do not understand their company’s strategy because it simply hasn’t been shared with them, or it could be that they don’t understand because it wasn’t written in a way that delivers real value. 

Strategic plans and yearly goals are often shared with employees on a need-to-know basis, and we have found that the majority of companies are limited in who they think “needs to know.” Maybe it is considered protected information only for executive management or the Board of Directors. Or maybe it hasn’t occurred to company leaders that their employees would want to know in the first place. 

And for the employees who are in the loop—just because they may have access to the strategic goals doesn’t mean they necessarily resonate and make sense. This is because often times company strategies are vague, or filled with jargon or esoteric language. They simply weren’t written to be shared or interactive. 

It’s time for a strategy revolution. And that means it’s time for employees to no longer be in the dark. If you want dedicated employees who are happy and loyal, they need to know that their work matters and how it rolls up into the pillars of a company’s strategy. 

Ways to revolutionize strategy: 

  • Take strategic planning out of a closed board room into the hallways. Allow employees to take part in all phases of strategic planning.
  • Incorporate strategic planning into everyday work practices and team goals.
  • For a more effective strategy, make it SMART

Good employees will deliver no matter what, but for long-term happiness and satisfaction they need to feel valued and like they are part of a greater vision. Don’t expect them to thrive in the dark.